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My Story

I was first introduced to an ayam cemani rooster at my school. I am an elementary school teacher and have been for over thirty years. I have always loved animals of all kinds and when I first saw the rooster he was brought to my school by a kind of traveling petting zoo. I instantly fell in love. He was the most unique and awesome creature I had ever seen, and I had to get some. When I started doing my research, I found it was not going to be so easy! 


It took me a long time to find anyone who had any and there was no one close to me, and they cost a fortune. I finally found someone on e-bay that was in California that would ship me eggs for $50.00 a piece plus shipping. It was a fortune-but I had to try it. I had never ordered eggs online before and had no idea what to expect. I ordered six eggs. I borrowed the incubator from school-we did egg hatching once a year in the spring.

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